Main Topics

The symposium welcomes contributions in all aspects of deformation monitoring in geodesy and geomatics, including but not limited to:


Static and dynamic modeling of deformations, QC/QA and optimization techniques in deformation analysis, Photogrammetric and computer vision methods, Point cloud based spatio-temporal monitoring, Artificial intelligence and augmented reality for deformation monitoring, Innovative algorithms and data processing techniques.


Optical systems and total stations, GNSS-based monitoring, Laser scanning and LiDAR systems, Camera-based monitoring, Ground and spaceborne radar, Fiber-optics and geotechnical sensors.


Sensor fusion, Geo-sensor networks, UAV and miniaturized sensors for change detection and SHM, New and low-cost sensors for deformation monitoring, Web-based smart sensing and monitoring solutions.


Local and regional geodynamics, Deformation monitoring for construction engineering, Structural health monitoring, Vibration monitoring and dynamics, Big and tall structures monitoring, Monitoring of cultural heritage, Monitoring of geohazards, Ground settlements and landslides, Bridge and tunnel applications, Dam and mining applications, Metrology and industrial applications.


Educational aspects in deformation monitoring, Safety, health and environmental issues, Project management for deformation monitoring, Standardization and data exchange policies, Economic and social implications of deformation monitoring works.