Types of paper contribution

Two types of papers will be considered; reviewed and non-reviewed. A full paper submission is necessary irrespectively of the paper type or presentation form. All accepted papers (oral and poster) will be labeled accordingly and included into the conference proceedings.


Form of paper contribution

Authors can either apply for an oral or poster presentation. Abstracts submitted for oral presentation will be accepted either for oral or for poster presentation. The admittance for an oral presentation is not affected by the type of contribution (reviewed or non-reviewed).


Abstract submission

For all kinds of contributions an abstract of 250 to 300 words must be submitted until 16th September 2018 5th October 2018. For the submission of the abstract please use the template and complete all relevant fields on the Submission Platform accordingly.


Paper preparation and submission

A full paper is required for every accepted abstract, either oral or poster.  Authors can submit their contribution as a peer review or non-peer review paper.  When preparing your paper please use this manuscript template. Papers submitted with incorrect formatting will be returned to authors.  The full paper length must be between 6 to 8 pages long.

Peer review papers:  The aim of the Peer Review is to offer academic proof for a scientific publication as well as to assure and improve the quality of the paper.  At least two independent experts will be reviewing each paper.  Papers that are not accepted by the peer review process will be included in the proceedings as non-peer reviewed.  The deadline for submitting your peer review paper is December 15, 2018.

Non-peer review papers: The deadline for submitting your non-peer review paper is March 30, 2019.


Presentation preparation

In order to be included in the technical program and get published in the conference proceedings, all papers must be presented at the conference either as an oral or a poster presentation.

Oral presentations: The presentation slot for each oral presentation will be 15 minutes, including 3 minutes of questions. Please prepare your oral presentation based on the provided power point template either for 16:9 (here) or 4:3 (here) slide ratio.

Poster presentations: The posters will be on display in the exhibition area in thematic groups for certain time during the conference.  Please prepare your poster presentation based on the provided power point template (here)"


Special Issues in journals

It is planned that a number of papers will be considered for publication in two special issues in Applied Geomatics and the Journal of Applied Geodesy subject to a peer-review process.  Manuscripts submitted for consideration for publication in the special issues must be an extended version of the paper published in the conference proceedings.



At least one author per paper has to be registered before 30th March 2019 in order for a paper to get published in the Symposium Proceedings.

See also:  Important Dates